ChainGenie Get user's account balance (*)

ChainGenie - Get user's account balance (*)

Get information about an user's account balance. The call is restricted to the unlocked user's account / query only.
* In this sandbox, you can query any user's account balance for testing purposes. All accounts are test accounts and no actual value or account is exposed in the sandbox.

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ChainGenie provides a plug and play platform that helps you connect your existing (or create new) applications to DLTs for lodging and workflow management using a simple easy to use user interface. ChainGenie is a platform to create blockchain apps that provide speed-to-market for companies looking to launch faster, rather than reinvent the wheel. Write your applications to run on popular Blockchain networks like Ethereum, Bitcoin Blockchain etc with great ease when you require to validate credentials or make your existing traditional applications use the power of DLT and blockchain overnight!

Curl command through

curl -v -h "header{header_value}""{streamdata_token}"

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